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The season 16 big finale of Bigg Boss will be shown live on television on February 21. The audience will need to tune in to Colors TV at nine o’clock in the evening, since that is the time when the conclusion of Weekend Ka Vaar will air.

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Although the formal lists of the contenders and the commoners have not yet been disclosed, the gist of what the programme will be about has been made public. Bigg Boss will feature a theme centred on neighbours, and all of the celebs and competitors in season 16 of Bigg Boss will compete as “Vichitra jodis.”

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Wildcard contestants and elimination rounds will both be a part of the Bigg Boss 16 competition, just as they were in previous seasons of the show. The viewers of Bigg Boss 16 anticipate, given the twists and surprises that the producers have planned for the competition, that the elimination round will have some unexpected developments.

The housemates will put forth the names of some of the show’s players for possible eviction each week. The last contestant will then be sent packing from Bigg Boss 16 Live based on the number of votes received from the viewing public. Because of the added drama that occurs on Elimination Day, the competition is sometimes also referred to as Weekend ka War.

In order to avoid being removed from the competition, the contestants currently living in the house will need to complete a number of challenges. The challenges will test the players’ stamina and power, and those contestants who are unable to perform adequately will be put in danger of being eliminated from Bigg Boss 16.

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