Be a part of the Bigg Boss Season 16 Live Voting System

The methodology for taking the contestants to the final is quite competitive. This is based on a voting system, based on the opinions of the public. The voting can be done when the contestants participate in the reality show. They appeal to the people to cast their vote in their favour. The people keep on voting in favour of the candidate they like, based on their performance.

biggboss 16

When you get in touch with the episodes over the internet, you will be able to cast your vote in favour of the candidate you like the most. To be a part of the voting party, you just need to come to this website and stay tuned to the proceedings. The live programme is quite exciting, and you will cherish every bit of the moments when you are online, watching the programme. More details about Bigg Boss 16 Voting.

When to catch the Bigg Boss 16 Live show?

By now, you must be keen to know the timing and dates of the popular reality show. It is generally held in the month of October [Confirmed start date 2nd Oct 2022], and these are shown on the TV sets Monday-Friday 10:30 pm and 11:30 pm and Sat- Sun on 9pm on Colors TV channel.

In case you are not at home, you are free to switch to the internet mode and get a taste of the grand Bigg Boss 16 Live entertainment. After all, you will get the ideal chance to be a part of the reality show, and the voting process will include at least one vote from you.

So, if you are interested in getting in touch with the show, it is better to watch it on the internet, and you need to visit this website when you wish to get in touch with it and get latest updates of watch Bigg Boss 16 live.

Bigg Boss 16 Live Streaming on Voot

Entertainment has its own levels and when it comes to our favorite television show, there is no compromise at all. When you get a dose of BB 16 fever on the authorized web portal, you really live up to great expectations of the full entertainment. Now, you can also capture the live action of Bigg Boss 16 through your mobile smartphones. The most trending Videos On Demand mobile application Voot app will provide Bigg Boss Season 16 full episodes streaming for free. You can download Voot app on your Android or iOs platforms through your Google Play or Apple store.

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